Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let's Get Serious: Day 1

I sat down the other day and I stuffed my face with the last of some of the heaviest, greasiest meals I can find.  Gummy bears, Whoppers candies, sunflower seeds, mashed potatoes smothered in butter and cheese, stuffed breaded chicken breast loaded with butter and some other stuff that may have been deemed healthy if it wasn't for all the butter. 

Despite all of my pigging out I did manage to devise myself a marathon training plan for beginners.  I did a feverish search on the internet for beginning training plans and to my utter dismay could not find one that was a true beginners plan.  Yes I have ran before.  I was on the track team in high school and on the track team while in the Marine Corps, yet I was a sprinter.  Never before have I ran over 3 miles......on purpose, are you kidding me.  I have not completed over a mile continuously since 2008.  So its safe to say, yes I am a beginner. 

If you didn't read the first blog, I am preparing to run a 26.2 mile marathon Oct 28, 2012.  So as I was saying, I didn't find a training program already posted to the web that fit my beginners needs.  Every single one I read said you had to be running 10-12 miles per week to be ready for their plans.  How in the Sam Hill is that a beginner?  It's NOT.  So I have created a Baby Steps to Marathon plan: True Beginners Training Plan.  This will be a 7 month or 32 week plan starting from walking to the full marathon.  This may end up being my first book I publish.  Who knows. 

Today was day 1 of my plan.  Now I have walked a 1000 miles, literally and figuratively but today I felt like I was just stepping out of the womb.  I took two days off from the workouts I had been doing over the past few weeks to give me a fresh start to my training schedule.  I couldn't have fathomed that it would be hard to get my butt in gear.  Just getting out of the bed was a journey.  All that food yesterday was weighing heavy on me.  My uneasy sleep didn't help matters either.  Daylight savings time was not a good morning to try to get up at 6am and workout.  That loss of an hour really wrecked havoc on my energy.  Without going into details I'm mentally and emotionally a mess.  I went to sleep with stress on my mind and when I woke up there was an uneasiness and imperfect balance in the walls of my mind and my domain this morning.  

After about 2 hours of trying to get myself out of bed, weighing in, taking body measurements and stretching, I headed out the front door for my morning walk.  The cool air slapped me into realization that put a little pep in my step after my warm up.  My walk today was based on time and to see how far and fast I could travel within that time frame. 

I averaged a 17.36 min/mile.  One of my worst walks ever considering walking comes so easy for me.  My shins were killing me and I know my shoes are appropriate.  I am just not as conditioned as I once was.  I didn't realize that the path I had chosen was basically uphill coming and going but I marched on.  I decided to walk the city blocks instead of burning gas to get over to the park.  The park is a forest, the city blocks a concrete jungle.  Broken glass, trash, used needles and busted up sidewalks was the scenery I took in.  Your atmosphere can really have an effect on your mind and impact your workouts. 

The most beautiful thing out there, was the sky.  So even though my atmosphere was bringing me down, I found a bright spot  and kept looking towards it.  I decided to keep my head up and focus on the beauty in the concrete jungle I trudged along in.  

When I made it back home.  My mind went to a peaceful place.  Whatever negative energy lingered in the air was irrelevant.  My pressures and stresses I won't let get the best of me.  I'm going to find my bright spot and keep my head up.  Its beauty in the jungle in my mind and I'm going to focus on it.  

In the Beginning

A few days ago I signed up for my first full marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on Oct 28, 2012.  26.2 miles.  I haven’t completed a 5k yet without stopping to walk but I am determined to finish this marathon.
Myself and few of my bootcamp sisters decided to celebrate 20yrs of becoming a Marine by running the marathon. We are all in the same boat weight and endurance wise. Even mentally we are all scared sh!tless but are determined to give it our all.
So I have 235 days or 33 wks and 4 days to get my booty in shape…or better yet lose some of this booty so I can run without all the excess baggae.
My plan is to log my progress as much as possible.  I tried to run 2 days ago and felt like I had pins and needles pushing through my heart like a junky pushing smack in collapsed veins.  I barely completed half mile without stopping to walk.  My gps said I avg 12.88 min per mile, which meant for me I went to fast.  Need to build some endurance before trying to haul ass like that.  Today I attempted a walk/jog interval routine and after 1 mile my shins were killing me.  I ended up completing 2 miles but my time was 16.55 minutes per mile.  That’s slower than the last 5k I ran last spring where my time was 13.38 miles per min and I walked/jogged with that race as well.
My goal….is to complete this race.  Officially I have to be under 7 hrs for my time to count.  So 7hrs is my goal time.  I do plan on finally being at my goal weight of 130 by this time.
Im about to go all in!!!!!!!