Excerpt from Regrets (Pre-sale Date coming soon)

“We fight through the night.” She read the slogan on the band on her wrist once again. Heaviness filled her chest and tears welled up in her eyes as she read each word aloud. She inhaled deeply and was at the ready to wipe away any glimmer of wetness before a tear could fall. She tried to compose herself by looking at her reflection with intensity in the mirror. A lonely tear still found its way down her face and she harshly patted it dry. The sight of her wedding ring on her finger caused bittersweet feelings. Get yourself together girl. Vicki grabbed the wired brush from the top drawer and glided it through her long tousled jet-black hair. She created a deep side part and brushed her hair over her right eye. She checked her roots; she needed to touch them up with the flat iron until she could get a fresh perm but not right now. Instead, Vicki added some clip-in extensions to give it more volume but decided the look didn’t do her any justice. It appeared as if she was hiding behin…