Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weight Loss Edition (WLE): Dreaming to Get in those Jeans

Weight loss journey has been hard y’all. I’ve been up and
down with my weight so much in the last two years, never leaving the obese
range. Well here I am in my entirety; all 199.1 pounds of me. I’m heavier than
when I started this video journey. Today I’m getting back on the road to
success. I’m starting off by showing all of me and some goal clothes that I
want me to fit into again.

My first step is to get into those red denim shorts that are
a size 14 and be able to fasten them without threat the button will pop on me.
Then I will work my way down to the black shorts as my finale pair of shorts. I
have to get back in control of my weight. It starts, again, today. No gimmicks,
diets, surgeries, or pressing goal dates. If that’s for you then great for me
its just get back to healthy slow but steady and lose the weight. Not as slow
as I’ve been going though.

Current weight 199.1 pounds/14.23 stones/90.39 kilograms

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

TATT #10: I'm Back and My Book is Out