Thursday, October 6, 2016

Queen of Katwe (Movie Review)

#QueenofKatwe was a beautifully told story of love, sacrifice, strength, and determination. The music,  the culture, the people, the pride...Africa. I felt connected to a stolen culture. This was a family. This was life in its most beautiful turmoil.

I saw many mothers I know in Harriet (Lupita Nyong'o), doing the best she could to keep a roof over her children's head, food on the table, while teaching them about hard work and pride. It explores the feeling of not knowing you are without until you've been shown more and the emotions connected to striving to get and be more than you've ever have.

From Brian (Martin Kabanza) and Phiona's (Madina Nalwanga) finger clicking to the clicking of teeth right down to the noise of celebration with sounds over words.It reminded me of things I used to do as I child and some even now. I never questioned where the habits came from. In some ways, I guess, a little piece of Africa had been passed down to me.

I found myself dancing in my seat in the theater to every rhythm as if the soundtrack told my being to move on cue and being the only black person in the theater it dawned many a stare. I heard one lady say,  "she must be African." I smiled inwardly and continued my journey through the movie saying each time I felt more connected, "Yep,  African. What else could I be." It was more of a statement than a question. Whether I was born on African soil or as an African-American, I am African.

Phiona with the help of her coach, Robert Kintende (David Oyelowo), discovered lessons of life and the strength she had within her through the game of chess. Kintende showed her how the pieces of the game were merely representations of pieces of a board called life. Chess was a game where the Queen ruled the board. Phiona was the Queen of Katwe.

In theaters now. I highly recommend going to see this movie.

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