Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Other Bad Carb

I know of many diets that stress watching your carbs. I have friends who are cutting out all breads, rice, pastas and potatoes to try to keep those carbs in check. There is one carb I think most of them are forgetting, even the ones who claim they are cutting out white sugar...what is that carb? Carbonation!

Yes, the carbonation from soda, soda pop, pop,fizzy, a cool beverage or whatever you call it from your part of the world is just as harming than the carbohydrates that are in them. Yet I, like so many other people, are addicted to them.

I used to feel a little big headed because I stopped drinking dark sodas long ago, well cola, at least. After all cutting out that corn syrup was major. Although if you give me some fried rice; a grape soda must accompany it. I didn't care about the Red dye #40, or the sugars, and holy moly, the carbonation.

I was able to cut out soda altogether for about a year. Not even a Sprite touched my lips. It was only because my kid did a science experiment with a nail and the fact it didn't dissolve that gave me pause. Now, I've developed several health issues I really need to address because of the other carb.

My teeth. I don't even think the damage I've done to them is reversible. The carbonic acid in carbonated drinks cause premature enamel breakdown. I have developed nine cavities in the past year. I go to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. The last time I went was when I was just starting to drink soda again. Boy was that a mistake. I haven't researched it yet but I don't think enamel can be restored but I can keep helping it from breaking down.

Bone health. A few years ago I was seriously active on my weight loss journey. I was achieving weight loss goals weekly, entering in 5ks, and enjoying an active lifestyle. One morning I walked out of my house and my ankle just snapped, crackled and popped. I have four pins and two screws in that joint as a result. I hadn't tripped, slipped or fell. I always say my daughter put a hex on me because it was her last day of school and she was mad I was making her go. I know the truth is I was experiencing my first case of bone deterioration. I was drinking a lot of soda back then. Studies have shown that the phosphoric acid in carbonated drinks break down the calcium in bones and active women are five times as likely to have fractures because of it. In addition to the tib/fib break, I have several stress fractures reveal themselves while running.

OMG, and the kidney pain. My left kidney is hurting right now. Unfortunately, I drank a soda, two, and it's what sparked this blog. In addition to the affects the sugar has on our kidneys the carbonation does a number on them as well causing inflammation and of course once they are swollen, pain.

Speaking of inflammation, have you ever wondered why you just can't lose that pregnant looking belly. Every where else you seem to be losing inches but in the belly you look like you're due any minute. Yep, its possible you've had one too many carbonated drinks. The carbonation is a gas and gas, well, keeps you bloated and distended. I know so many people who testify to weight loss just from cutting out soda. What's really happened is they have loss the bloat. Oh what a feeling.

There are so many problems with drinking soda that I haven't begun to experience, like heartburn, and I don't want to. Or maybe I have, maybe that was the burst of chest pains I was getting a few months ago. Yet here I am; bloated, kidney experiencing pain, tension in my left ankle and hefty dental work in the near future and I still have a bottle of soda on my nightstand. SMH.

I need to up my water game. Sure, I will be running to the bathroom in the beginning but essentially it will restore my kidney health, slow down the deterioration on my teeth and bones, regulate my bowel movements and help me reduce the gas in my belly. On top of giving me healthier skin, hair, and nails.
Time to let go of this addiction.


  1. I have been fighting to reduce my soda intake over the last few weeks. It's definitely hard! So many empty calories, though. I knew it was a problem because I never drank water except when I was working out. So cutting back soda and drinking more water is helping a lot.

    1. How are you doing with it? I've been able to lose 7 pounds in two weeks and the major thing I've done is cut the soda back.