Thursday, August 18, 2016

Leaving Kansas

My heart is heavy and my nerves are frazzled. While everybody I know is posting pictures of their little smiley faced munchkins heading off for the first day of school, I'm quickly reminded that my little Munchkin is not so little anymore. Soon she will be tornado-ing out of my home into the Wonderful World of Oz called college.

The first day of school pics will be, my one and only daughter, unloading the car and moving into her munchkin sized dorm room. Everyone else I know are gleefully easing on down the yellow brick road, happy their kids are back to school, leaving them an empty nest for the day but for me it seems as if I'm about to head into the poppy fields. I find that I'm lacking the courage to send my baby off into the Emerald City, I don't have the heart to stand the separation, yet I know she has the brains to make it out there and find her heart's desire.

So many things I worry about because I've always been her protector. I know she'll just be on the over on the other side of the rainbow but it feels like we'll be worlds apart. I hope I've equipped her with courage, knowledge, wisdom, and if she needs me or just wants it, she'll always find her way home.  I hope I haven't sheltered her and made her naive because she will have to face bad witches out there to get my pretty and then those lions, and tigers, and bears; oh my!

More than nervous, I'm proud. She has accomplished so much as a child far beyond societal expectations. She taught herself Japanese and how to draw. I want to take full credit for the who she has become but I know it is with some help from me but a whole lot of her own black girl magic. She's a motivator an inspiration; a wizard of her own making. She's the kind of child, no she's a young woman, who creates her own rainbows if their aren't any in the sky. 

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