Sunday, July 3, 2016

June Update: No Pavement just Pounds and Pains

Did not race at all.  Let me tell you, we've walked so much in the past two days at this conference my pains have pains. I don't think it would have been wise to run when I'm already hurting. Luckily the race only cost $35 so I didnt lose a lot.  Right now we're in our hotel waiting on checkout before moving to another hotel. So far my stay has been lovely.

June update: I gained 5.1 pounds for the month of June.    I took my measurements before I left.  I didn't enter the comparisons but I know I added inches as well.  Once I return home I start my week of vegetarian eating for my natural cleanse.  Well actually it's 4 days because I'm heading to Chicago next weekend, another anime conference, and my favorite restaurant is there and I'm not skipping that delight to my taste buds.

That's me in the elevator,  all 5ft and 196 pounds of me. I look thinner than 196. Legs, arms and thighs all muscle.  Belly, neck and face all fat.   That's the scary part, where I carry my weight puts me at great risk for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. I have to get my nutrition and exercise balanced.

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