Wednesday, June 1, 2016

First Flight: One Step Closer to Serenity

On my way to Aruba.  This morning started off a little weird.  For some reason American Airlines had me booked with a child in my lap, therefore I couldn't check in
What the heck?  My last and only child was born 18 years ago. She too big to be on my lap and she wasn't on this trip. Prior to this,  the apartment reservation we booked got messed up.  The owner said she had me as four guest,  there is only two of us,  so she tried to give us a room.  Honey,  we paid for the apartment,  don't play.  At least I have leg room on flight this time. 

Everything at the airport has been going far,  we're only on the firsgoing,  from St. Louis to Charlotte.  Next stop Miami, then off to Aruba. I'm so excited, I could pee my pants. No really,  I have to go but the flight is almost over an the bathroom is too far. 

My only real issue, was the man next to me, he couldn't stop fidgeting. I think he was more nervous over a physical condition.  First he kept twisting the end of the seatbelt and then the hairs on his legs,  anything in his reach. The entire flight! 

We got to Charlotte and tried our luck at Bojangles. They used to be popular in St. Louis. Well,  not popular with my mouth and taste buds. To be honest my food wasn't bad, I had chicken strips
but my sis, Mocha,  had an "atrocious" meal and blueberry biscuit the "Boberry biscuit". Ewww.

Welp,  the next time you'll see me will be from our temporary accommodations and then our actual apartment.  

Thanks for joining me.  Like,  comment,  share.  Wait,  American Airlines think I have no class,  lol. That's what I thought of some of the crew. 

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