Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Weight Loss Journey // Down 1.5 in, Travel, Health & Happiness

Yes, I lost 1.5 inches!!!  After two weeks of not doing a serious workout, I weighed in today and loss absolutely nothing in pounds. Not even a single ounce. What I did lose is inches off of my waistline and that my friends is an achievement. Smaller waistlines help reduce risk of diabetes, heart problems, back problems and more. I'm trying to break up with Dunlap (my waistline) for good.

I did go to the doctor after the brief burst of chest pains. Their finding turned up nothing. Not a damn thing. They have no idea why I was experiencing pain. That is good and bad in itself. One, I don't know how to prevent it from happening because we don't know what it was but not having negative test scores should be good.

I'm feeling myself a little these days. I'm about to start traveling more. I found joy in hitting the road or the open seas and I think my depression is a reflection of me not doing things I love.

Financially and emotionally things have stabled out somewhat, therefore I'm smiling a lot more these days. Stress has been greatly reduced!

I still have my half marathon coming up and I want to get more prepared for the run. My last and only other marathon I complete about 3 1/2 hours maybe 3 hrs 41 minutes. I want to do a lot better. This will be my first race outside of my city.

My 43rd birthday is Friday and I'm treating myself to a trip. I can not wait. I will be posting from my travels.

Thank you all for coming along on my journey with me. Like, comment, and share.

Current weight 190.9 lbs = 13.64 stone = 86.59 kg

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  1. Great job losing inches! I need to start measurements as well as weighing myself. It's scary you had chest pains. Did the doctor have any guess at all about what was going on?